Quality Process

We have built the first network of computer science and blockchain enthusiasts professional translators. Our service includes a 3-step translation process: translation, editing and proofreading to provide with the highest quality of translation:

Initial step: Project Review
The Project Manager makes a complete review of the project: timeline, source files, glossaries and reference files. Working with the client, the Project Manager identifies all text that should remain in the source language and develops a list for the translator’s and editor’s use.

Step 1: Translation
At this stage, the Project Manager places the translation with the best suited linguist, based on the document content and translator’s experience. Crypteido only work with translators who are native speakers of the translation target language. The translator will translate the materials and return it to the project manager for review.

Step 2: Editing
All initial translations are reviewed by a second professional translator to ensure the quality of the translation. Because language translation is a human endeavor, we’re realistic about the fact that errors or stylistic differences may occur, regardless of how qualified a translator may be. That’s why more than one translator double check every translation, specifically targeting grammar, typography and word choice.

Step 3: Proofreading
After we have finished formatting your material, we will check that:
– The layout matches the source language document
– The correct fonts have been used
– The headers and footers are consistent with the source language document
– Proper names are spelled correctly
– The pagination matches the source document and the text flows correctly
– All source language updates have been incorporated
– Margins, graphics and positioning are correct

Final step: Final Translator Review
One of our in-house translators or the original translator will conduct a final review of your project to ensure that the text has been formatted correctly. He/she will verify that words have been hyphenated properly and nothing has been omitted from the text during the formatting stage. The reviewer will proof a hard copy printout and/or perform an on-screen review, depending on the need of each particular project.