Why Crypteido?

CRYPTEIDO leverage on COREIDO expertise and legacy in translation business with more than 10 years of experience with start-ups.


CRYPTEIDO is your perfect agency to translate in any languages any document related to the crypto and blockchain industry with our existing high quality process:

1. Great Project Management
We implement an efficient process for each project. We work with you to determine the best strategy to meet every nuance of your requirements. From start to end, we monitor your projects to avoid any last minute issues and are flexible enough to implement any last minute changes or requirements.

2. Competitive Translation Rates
Our scale, production process, and dedication allows us to offer competitive rates. We are proud to have one of the best price/performance ratios on the market!

3. Real Flexibility
We can work in almost any file format.

4. Deep Linguistic Expertise
Our process includes our time-tested and in-demand integrated translation methodology; professional linguists translate and review the project, ensuring high quality, public-ready translations. Our linguistic team is exclusively composed of subject matter experts and translation graduates from top universities.

5. High Responsiveness
We are always available, no matter what your schedule.

6. Scalability
Your project can be a small one or a large 100 000 words manual, we will put all our attention to consistency and terminology accuracy. We quickly set up coordinated and personalized teams that can deliver up to 50k words per day.

7. Payment
We accept payment in bitcoins and Ethereum